About Syzran

Syzran is an ancient Volga city spread along the banks of five rivers – Volga, Kubra, Krymza, Syzranka and Kashpirka (Kashpira). One of the main versions of the origin of the city name is the original name of the river (Syzran – from the Tatar “syz”, that is, “gully”). On the banks of this river the governor Grigory Afanasyevich Kozlovsky, on the orders of Peter the Great, founded a fortress in 1683 to protect the Volga from robbers and nomads. Under cover of the fortress walls, trade began to flourish and the city quickly grew. A hundred years later, Catherine the Great noted the merits of the city in trade in bread and meat and donated a coat of arms to the city – a bull on a golden field.

The historical appearance of Syzran has been preserved mainly on the central street of the city – Sovetskaya, which used to be called Bolshaya (Large street). Walking through the city center, you can see many different architectural monuments, which were created by the best architects of their time: Kazan Cathedral (1866-1872), Gostiny Dvor (shopping arcade) of merchant Lednyov (Passage shopping center), House with shops of factory-owner Belousov, Uezdnaya Zemskaya Uprava (local executive body), Shops of Lednyov’s heirs, the House of merchant Chernukhin (a monument of wooden architecture of federal significance). The heart of the city is its Kremlin, the only one in the Samara region. There are 143 monuments of history and architecture in our city, beautiful churches and the holy healing spring of the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God, a place of pilgrimage not only for Russians.

In summer, various festivals and festivities are held in Syzran. The most memorable is The Syzran Tomato festival; the city even has the status of the tomato capital of Russia.

Syzran is the third largest city in the Samara region in terms of the number and size of industrial potential. Due to its geographical position, the city is a serious transport hub – six railway lines meet here, the M5 federal highway passes the city, Kurumoch Airport is just 100 km away from the city, and a river route along the Volga is open during the navigation period.

Welcome to Syzran! Let your stay here be pleasant and useful!