Rules of residing with animals

Accommodation rules for guests with pets
1. When booking a room, you should agree on the possibility of staying in a room with a pet. The hotel management reserves the right to determine whether a pet is allowed in the room.
2. Only dogs of small and medium breeds, no more than 50 cm at the withers and weighing no more than 20 kg, are allowed in the hotel. Fighting dogs, reptiles, birds, and wild animals are not allowed.
3. Residents are not allowed to leave a pet in a room alone without supervision. If it is necessary to leave a pet alone for a short time, guest must notify manager about this, and a “do not disturb” sign must be hung on the door of the room.
4. A guest must bring: pet carrier (cage), waterproof bedding, towel, special tray (toilet), bowl, food, and means for cleaning the waste products of a pet.
5. A guest is obliged to ensure absence of a pet during cleaning of the room.
6. It is forbidden to walk pets in the public areas of the hotel. When walking a pet on the territory, guest is obliged to have the means for cleaning the waste products of the pet and to do such cleaning.
7. It is forbidden to take a pet with you to the banquet complex and other closed public places of the hotel. In the public area of the hotel, a pet must be on a leash or in a carrier.
8. It is forbidden to wash pets in the shower cabins of the bathrooms and to use towels, bedsheets and other bedding of the hotel; it is forbidden to feed pets from dishes belonging to the hotel. It is forbidden to comb, cut (shave and pluck) the hair and trim pet’s claws.
9. A guest staying with a pet undertakes to ensure compliance with the sanitary and hygienic regime in the room and in the territory of the hotel, and also undertakes to maintain safety of property in the room and undertakes to pay a fine if a pet causes damage to the hotel in accordance with the established Damage price list.
10. In case of complaints from other guests or in the event of accidents due to the fault of a pet, owner of the pet is obliged to immediately take appropriate measures to eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction and, if necessary, take the pet out of the hotel.
11. The hotel management reserves the right to terminate agreement with a guest living with pets in case of violation of the accommodation rules and in case of aggressive, inadequate, noisy behavior of a pet.